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Minggu, 22 Juli 2012



Harga Rp. 120,000
Min Order 0
Merek Idole D'Armani
For Women


Gender : Woman
Ukuran : 100ml
Ketahanan Aroma : 5-8Jam
Kemasan Masih Baru dan bersegel

Giorgio Armani Diamonds White

Giorgio/Emporio Armani Diamonds White

Harga Rp. 120,000 (Termasuk Ongkir)
Min Order     0
Merek             Emporio Armani
For        Women

Giorgio Armani Diamonds Gold

 Giorgio/Emporio  Armani Diamonds Gold

Harga Rp. 120,000 (Termasuk Ongkir)
Min Order     0
Merek             Giorgio Armani


Gender : Woman
Ukuran : 100ml
Ketahanan Aroma : 5-8Jam
Kemasan Masih Baru dan bersegel

Giorgio Armani Onde Mystere

Giorgio Armani Onde Mystere 100 Ml

Giorgio Armani Onde Vertige

Parfum Giorgio Armani Onde Vertige 100ml, 
Kualitas: KW1
Daya Tahan Aroma s/d 8jam

Sabtu, 21 Juli 2012

Giorgio Armani Acqua di GIOIA

Acqua di Gioia

Acqua di Gioia is reinvented version of Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio floral fragrance which was a perfect blend of fruits, flowers and woods. Acqua di Gioia is a different take on original altogether. Rumors are getting loud that this reinvented fragrance could be Armani’s most popular perfume yet.

The noses behind this fragrance are Anne Flipo, Loc Dong and Dominique Ropion. Top notes include amalfi lemon and mint; jasmine, pink pepper and peony appear at heart notes; and french labdanum, virginia cedar and sugar make the base for the perfume. Armani described this scent as a image of a strong, free-spirited and serene woman who exists in a perfect harmony with nature. Acqua di Gioia will be available in three sizes as 30ml, 50ml and 100m.

Acqua di Gioia is a new fragrance by Giorgio Armani, presented in March 2010. Seductive sea aromas in the new fragrance are put into first plan and used as creators' inspiration. Composition of the perfume is compared with woman who is ''strong, dignified and free spirit but in perfect harmony with nature''.

Inspired by several summer holidays spent on the islands of Pantelleria and Antigua, where Armani has his villas, the fragrance was lead by the idea of escape into nature, a heavenly place of real holiday where we restore the energy necessary to body and soul, and where we create natural balance.

 Its flacon was made as a natural shape – water drops which are clear, airy, and pellucid.

 The fragrance arrives on the market in June 2010 as a blend of refreshing notes of crushed mint leaves and lemon Limone Primo Fiore Femminello from Calabria. Structure of the composition pushes the limits from fresh citruses to a floral heart which encompasses aquatic jasmine, dewy peony and pink pepper, while a base closes with cedar, yellow sugar and labdanum. Acqua di Gioia was created by three perfumers: Loc Dong, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion, who see it as Eve's seduction and as fragrance turned completely towards the nature.

Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio

Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio 100 ML

Terinspirasi oleh keindahan Pantellerie, di mana ia telah menghabiskan liburannya (Spent Holiday), Armani menciptakan aroma Aqua di Gio untuk pria dan wanita. Keharuman untuk pria adalah aroma kebebasan, penuh angin dan air. Komposisi tersebut dibangun dari sebuah harmoni yang sempurna dari catatan manis dan asin dari air laut dan nuansa kehangatan cerah pada kulit Anda. 

Aqua di Gio penuh dengan terik matahari Mediterania. Jeruk pahit dengan nuansa aromatik rosemary dengan memadukan asin, nuansa laut dan hedione bening. Catatan tajam rempah-rempah diperlemah dasar kayu dengan hangat, jejak musky.

PARFUME : Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio, Daya Tahan Aroma s/d 8jam

Anna Sui Rock Me Summer of Love

Anna Sui Rock Me Summer of Love

Kategori Aroma
Top Notes
Bergamot, aquatic hyssop dan geranium
Middle Notes
Freesia, lili air dan persik putih
Base Notes
Cendana, amber dan mawar
Cocok untuk penggunaan harian

Parfum Anna Sui Rock Me Summer Of Love 100ml, Kualitas: KW-Super, Daya Tahan Aroma s/d 8jam

ANNA SUI - Rock Me! Summer of Love
Best Women’s Fragrance – Flora by Gucci from P&G PRESTIGE
Best Men’s Fragrance – Boss Bottled Night from P&G PRESTIGE
Best Couple Fragrance – Dsquared2 He Wood & She Wood from ITF
Fragrance Of The Year 2010 – DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom from ADF
Special Colorscentsations Award – Free Spirit : Anna Sui Rock Me, 
Summer Love by P&G PRESTIGE
Online People’s Choice Award – Anna Sui Rock Me, Summer Love by P&G PRESTIGE

Jumat, 20 Juli 2012

Anna Sui - Secret Wish (Magic Romance)

Anna Sui - Secret Wish
 Model: Secret Wish Magic Romance 

Siap untuk jatuh cinta

Ready to fall in love? Then experience this sparkling, joyful scent. Like the mystical spell of romance, the scent is a constant whirlwind of emotion – fresh, sexy, sensual and caressing – expressing the tender thrill of first love. A soft kiss of Lemon, Melon, Bergamot and Orange Blossom lifts the spirits, warming to Jasmine, Lotus Blossom, Coconut and Amber. Musk adds a final note of irresistible sensuality.

Enter a world of hearts and stars, excitement and daring, tenderness and flirtation. Cast your own magic spell at night, with powerful feminine charms.

Notes : Floral fragrance with notes of coconut, musk, rosewood and amber
Description : Anna Sui's Secret Wish Magic Romance is a fruity burst of feminine sensuality that captivates and refreshes the wearer. It is a perfume that takes you back to fairytales, knights and castles and the romance of past dreams
Anna Sui Secret Wish Magic Romance perfume is a beautiful blend of Melon, Bergamot, Lemon, Orange Blossom, Tuberose, Coconut , amber, musk, lotus blossom and Jasmine. It is an enchanting perfume that is distinctive without heaviness and given a charming aspect with rosewood and more intriguingly coconut.

Alien by Thierry Mugler

Alien by Thierry Mugler  

Thierry Mugler Alien diklasifikasikan sebagai obat mujarab sihir ditangkap dalam sebuah botol dalam bentuk benda aneh, mengingatkan pada batu filsuf 'atau objek penyihir dari ungu dalam dan misterius. Komposisi berjalan pada tiga jalur utama: catatan berhubung dgn hutan dalam amber, jantung putih hangat di dasar, dan melati India cerah di atas. Thierry Mugler Asing, sebagai aroma feminin spektakuler, membuat hadiah luar biasa untuk setiap kesempatan.

ALIEN EAU LUMINESCENTE Perfume for Women has fragrance notes of a variety of different scents.

Parfum Thierry Mugler Alien 100ml, 
Kualitas: KW-Super, 
Daya Tahan Aroma s/d 8jam


ANGEL By Thierry Mugler

What can I say about Angel that hasn’t already been said? Angel isn’t just your typical perfume, she is a legend, a legend in exactly the same way that N°5 and Shalimar are legends. She’s also not just a legend, she is a fierce vixen and a complete diva.

Created in 1992 by Olivier Crisp and Yves de Chiris for avant-garde fashion designer Thierry Mugler, Angel is inspired by Mugler’s childhood memories, he wanted “to make a perfume that could have a common resonance for everyone, something close to tenderness, to childhood.” [1] The childhood memories that Mugler chose to recreate in Angel were those of the fairground.

The very first time I smelled Angel, right at the beginning of my perfumista journey, I was shocked, appalled and disgusted all at once. Who would want to wear this? I thought. But I kept finding myself coming back to Angel, there was something about her, she lured me in and wouldn’t let me go, I was helpless. I became obsessed and after many sniffs I finally bought a bottle, wore it with pride and didn’t look back.

Thierry Mugler by Angel 100 ml

 The Bottles

Angel tersedia dalam berbagai flacons bintang dengan dua yang paling ikonik sebagai bintang jatuh (kanan atas) dan bintang nomaden (kanan bawah).

 Cold, silver metal is complimented by a precious blue juice encased within clear glass. The sharp lines are reminiscent of Mugler’s couture gowns. All of the notes point to Angel smelling golden brown but to me she will always smell blue.

You can purchase most of the bottles in either non-refillable or refillable formats. The idea behind the refillable bottle is that you can keep your beloved star forever and top up with a refill bottle or at ‘The Source’ – one of the Angel fountains. This idea of ‘eco-refill’ bottles is something Mugler has carried on to other fragrances such as Alien, A*Men and his latest release Womanity.

This review based on a bottle of Angel Eau de Parfum from my own personal collection.

A-Men By Thierry Mugler

Ukuran / isi : 100 Ml
Harga          : Rp. 99.000

A-Men By Thierry Mugler, Bau Dia Tahan Lama dan Sangat Refreshing!


It is still available in a german drugstore company where it is sold as unisex, which I think is right as long as the woman likes to not wear any fruits or flowers.
I gifted it to someone which likes this type of fragrance, and he was very happy with it: as already pointed out its starts with zingy strong citrus notes, drifts off into herbal green with aromatic undernotes and then cedar? (maybe + vetiver) becomes prominent.


Netto : 110 ML (botol standart)
Price: Rp.118.000

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