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ANGEL By Thierry Mugler

What can I say about Angel that hasn’t already been said? Angel isn’t just your typical perfume, she is a legend, a legend in exactly the same way that N°5 and Shalimar are legends. She’s also not just a legend, she is a fierce vixen and a complete diva.

Created in 1992 by Olivier Crisp and Yves de Chiris for avant-garde fashion designer Thierry Mugler, Angel is inspired by Mugler’s childhood memories, he wanted “to make a perfume that could have a common resonance for everyone, something close to tenderness, to childhood.” [1] The childhood memories that Mugler chose to recreate in Angel were those of the fairground.

The very first time I smelled Angel, right at the beginning of my perfumista journey, I was shocked, appalled and disgusted all at once. Who would want to wear this? I thought. But I kept finding myself coming back to Angel, there was something about her, she lured me in and wouldn’t let me go, I was helpless. I became obsessed and after many sniffs I finally bought a bottle, wore it with pride and didn’t look back.

Thierry Mugler by Angel 100 ml

 The Bottles

Angel tersedia dalam berbagai flacons bintang dengan dua yang paling ikonik sebagai bintang jatuh (kanan atas) dan bintang nomaden (kanan bawah).

 Cold, silver metal is complimented by a precious blue juice encased within clear glass. The sharp lines are reminiscent of Mugler’s couture gowns. All of the notes point to Angel smelling golden brown but to me she will always smell blue.

You can purchase most of the bottles in either non-refillable or refillable formats. The idea behind the refillable bottle is that you can keep your beloved star forever and top up with a refill bottle or at ‘The Source’ – one of the Angel fountains. This idea of ‘eco-refill’ bottles is something Mugler has carried on to other fragrances such as Alien, A*Men and his latest release Womanity.

This review based on a bottle of Angel Eau de Parfum from my own personal collection.
[1] mugler.com
[2] thecandyperfumeboy.com

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